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Foosball table ABC

A B C kickers

Kleestraat 8, Borgloon (Belgium)

foosball table abc Kicker

model “Competition”

Belgian table with 1 goalie and sloping corners.
Wooden players, wooden handles.
Glass playfield.

The manufacturer, Maurice Stevens explains :
This foosball table is almost identical to the Jupiter 7*, but has undergone some positive alterations. Such as, softer springs and deeper milling for better reach of the ball along the sides.
Manual score counter, with or without lighting over the table.
Heavy, sturdy table.
This model is in fact a bit outdated, but still available (50 pieces in stock).

A B C - Ferro :

The A B C TOP model.
“Ferro” looks a lot like Jupiter Gold Star.
Manual score marker and lighting possible above the table.
This is the improved version of model Competition.
Playfield and table are still the same as on the green Competition table,
but Ferro has a sturdy metal chassis.
The high quality chromed rods used in the tables, are supplied by JGC (Jupiter), who have the sole rights of sale.
Weight approx. 105 kg
This table has a mechanical coin system.

model A B C “S”
smaller table without midfield.

This table has been designed for singles and is 30 cm shorter than the normal table.
Advantage : you can play defence and still reach to make a shot with the strikers
Model ABC “S”: the “S” stands for “Stevens Single Soccer”

Model Familial:
A hometable for private use.
This is in fact the green Competition table without coin system, the chassis though is somewhat lighter.
This table has a different finish from the Ferro (brown/grey), Familial is finished green and flowered yellow.

There is no foto available yet, and the model so far is not mentioned on the ABC site.