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Air Hockey

Air hockey is a game of skill for two players. The game is played on a air hockey table of about the size of a pool table. The playing surface consists of a smooth material with a surrounding rail to prevent the puck from leaving the table. The surface has lots of small holes through which air is blown using a fan to produce a cushion of air. The puck floats on this cushion with vitually no friction which makes the gameplay very fast.
Two gaps in the surrounding rail on the short sides of the table act as the goals. Objective of the game is to hit the opponents goals with the puck using a mallet.

The players face each other on the short side of the air hockey table and tried to score a goal using their plastic mallets which resemble a small sombrero. The game ends after one player scored the number of appointed goals or after the paid for time runs out.
Apart from coin operated airhockey tables which are used mostly in arcades, there are economy-price tables for home-use. Some of this cheaper tables don't even have a fan.