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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - Foosball in Belgium

Belgium is located in Western Europe, and is famous for fine chocolats and hundreds of different ales.
Belgium is table football country.
There are about 10.000 affiliated members that play in the leagues.

The tablesoccer Federations :

The National Federation : CBK : CBKA Antwerpen = Antwerp division of the Belgian Federation.
CBK Limburg = Limburg division.
CBK VTB West Vlaanderen = division West Flanders, under management of Wim Wall. Many of his players often compete in tournaments abroad.
BTLB Oost Vlaanderen = division East Flanders.
FTFBA-BTLB Brabant = division Brabant.

The Belgian Federation is under the general guidance of Maurice Hauben.
Vice-President : Jean Pierre Pirlet.

ASF : Antwerp Soccer Federation = independant federation (85 teams) that organizes a league around Greater Antwerp. Chairman : Eugène Creten.

Vilvoords Kickerverbond = small local association (20 teams) with Eric Winkeleer in charge.

ATC : Antwerp Tablefootball Clubs
Separate federation under CBK
1st division CBK/ATC and 3 divisions ATC competition table : Europe Stakanit and Jupiter.
Site ATC :

The soccer-tables :

Four different brands of soccertables are being used in the leagues. All these tables are Belgian made with high quality standards such as precision bearings on the rods, players of first choice beech wood etc Belgian soccertables are all very similar to each other, especially when looking at the big differences with the foreign ones.

Soccer2000 :

The level of engineering on this table has to be seen to be believed.
It’s a precision instrument with roller-bearings on the rods, rubbery handles to counter sweaty mitts, and a beautiful feel . It’s a genuine tournament table, with a slick surface that feels fast yet allows good control with only a little practice..”

That was the comment in Stuff Magazine (UK) when they did a survey on different brands of tablefootball games.
The Soccer2000 obtained the “Editor’s Choice” Award : “which only the cream of the kit can win… These are footballtalbes that deserve recognition for being clearly ahead of the game, albeit at a price.”

This Belgian table has wooden players and is very similar to Jupiter.
Main differences : The glass playfield is a little cobbled and there are rubber grips.

ASF - Antwerp Soccer Federation - uses the Soccer2000 with electronic scoremarker and halogen lighting, for the league games and tournaments.
Balls : Cork.

Even though the Belgian tables are of extremely good quality, and have probably the greatest number of players per table, they don’t rank among the important brands.
Very progressive is JUPITER with a new table especially designed for the European market.


Technically superior.
Modern, nicely finished and sturdy.
Classical line-up : 1 goalie and sloping corners.
Wooden grips, players in beech wood, chromed rods.
Topmodels are Gold Star and Starlight, both with lighting over the table.
For the European market : Eurosoccer, the table that allows all different techniques of playing.

New : Elektronic coin system of the latest generation, takes all Euro coins from 10 Cent on.
With bonus system, for €1 you get 15 balls, for €2, 31 balls, etc…

Each year in May, the JUPITER European Championship takes place.
One of the best!
Strongly recommended.

Balls : Cork or soft plastic.

At the time,there used to be two important brands of tables : Jupiter and Stakanit.
Here and there, you would also find : Jodek and Europe.
I live in Antwerp, where I put my first steps into the world of table football on the STAKANIT tables.
This brand had its own league and even a « Stakanit Federation ».
The footballtable had a good reputation, although some details were left to be desired, e.g. the rods sometimes were heavy, sometimes light. The players could be big or … thin (taken from real life !) etc…

Europe Stakanit

The result of years of experience.
Lots in common with the other Belgian tables.
Rubber grips, players in beech wood, chromed rods.
Looks rather classical.

You find the Europe Stakanit mainly in the province of Antwerp, but the brand has lost some ground to its local competitor, the Soccer2000.
It may be a little regrettable that the brands are linked to the federations :
ASF = Soccer 2000, CBKA = Europe Stakanit.
On the other hand, this fact allows the players to contest their competitions always on the same tables.

Balls : Cork.

In the Belgian federation, division of East Flanders, next to Jupiter tables, BLACK DIAMOND is used for competition games.
In the competition of the province of Antwerp, exactly one team has the BLACK DIAMOND soccertable in its venue, it’s the “Green Dogs” from Vilvoorde who (for some reason unknown to me) compete in the Antwerp division.
Comment of the opponents …”It will be very difficult for any team to go and gain the victory over the Green Dogs because of the fact that they play on a Black Diamond table…”
The quality of some of the players in the team, a.o. Eric Winkeleer en Johnny Van Roosbroeck may have something to do with it as well!

Black Diamond

Table offering almost the same game as Jupiter.
Black, looks classic.
Very easy to maintain :
The rods can be lifted in order to clean the surface.
Wooden grips, players in beech wood.

Balls : Cork.