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Futbolines Bufica, Santomera (Murcia) Spain

Spanish type of table, playing field slopes to the centre.
The players on all Bifuca models can be supplied with both open or joined legs.

Model : Neptuno

Metal chassis, aluminium players.
Chromed steel rods.
Illumination kit, safety glass top, and sound kits are optional.
Weight : 160 kg.
Dimensions : 160x130x100 cm.
Coin operated.

Model : Vértice
Same caracteristics as model Neptuno.
Coin operated.
On all Bifuca models, players lines can be modified to buyer’s preferences.

model : Lisboa
“small size table” 143x130x100 cm
Weight : 140 kg.
Coin operated.

Spanish tables also come with different line-ups :
e.g. I have noticed that on these tables we have :
a) 1 goalie, 3 defenders, 3 midfield players, 4 strikers (F4)
b) 1 goalie, 2 defenders, 3 midfield players, 5 strikers (F5)
c) 1 goalie, 2 defenders, 5 midfield players, 3 strikers (F3)

F3, F4, F5 are the Spanish norms used for these line ups.