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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - Foosball tables Billkros


Billkros, Krosno, Poland. Established in 1985.

This Polish company offers 5 models of football tables.

foosball table billkros

Model for 6 players : BIG “TG”
A special drawer is installed to ensure easy access for the attending personnel,
No need to lift the heavy case to get inside.
Glass top. Telescopic rods. Coin system. Plastic players, synthetic grips.

The next model is the LEGIA “TG”
Also with the “maintenance drawer” Telescopic rods, synthetic players and grips.

And next :
With glass top and illumination.

Home model SWIETLICOWY (pronounce…?)
With straight through rods.

Table for two

“L” for lighting
“G” for glass top.