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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - Foosball tables Bonzini


Baby-foot Bonzini, Bagnolet, France.

The Bonzini company was founded in 1927.
More than 30% of the production is being exported to over 60 countries.

All Bonzini models have telescopic rods and players in aluminium.

Home model : Le Stadium
Weight : 60kg.
Synthetic grips.

Model B60
In 2002, over 105.000 Bonzini B60 tables have been sold.
Weight : 90 kg.
The table can be opened for easy cleansing of the surface.

Bonzini B90
Professional quality without coin system.
Weight : 80 kg.

B90 rural or lacquered white

B93 Fun Board

The Bonzini tables offer a great deal of control.
The rods are rather heavy.
The field is made of linoleum.
Several types of balls are used, cork- and plastic ones.
Various synthetic grips : small milled-, long and smooth-, ergonomic ones
and model USA

model with glass top
there is also a model with sound kit.

Bonzini has an extensive range :
e.g. these models « multifonction » :

table for the handicapped style, Louis Philippe .

the biggest one in the world : 7.50m long, weight 550 kg.
56 aluminium players on each side.
Takes 22 people = two soccer teams.
Bonzini cooperates closely with the French Federation :
l’Association Française de Baby-Foot (AFBF)
In 2002, Bonzini together with the AFBF had organized in Paris
a fantastic worldchampionship « Coupe du Monde ».
Bonzini ranks certainly among the very big ones of the table football scenery.