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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - Foosball tables made in USA


American style tables without coin system.
Normally I restrict myself to the description of tables used at tournaments and/or league games. Those are mainly coin-operated tables.
Still the Carrom tables are so attractive that they deserve
a place in the sun (= our site)

Foosball table carrom

Looks really beautiful.
Three player goalie - single goalie optional.
Weight 77 kilos.
Chromed rods. Balanced players.

The Lightning Striker Burton Morris.
Red playsurface features an athletic soccer player, accented with white stars. Chromed rods. Balanced players.

And there are three more “classic” models :

Only the one on the left, the Burr Oak Foosball Table does not have balanced players. All of them offer the choice of one or three goalies.
From the Graphite Spektrum on, they have wooden grips.
The Burr Oak Foosball Table has rubber grips.