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Deutscher Meister

Heavily promoted by Bud Wachter in the fifties and sixties.
Bud was a first sergeant in the American army, stationed at Fuerth, Germany.
This also happened to be the place where the Deutscher Meister was made.
When he left the army in 59, Bud stayed to work in Germany for an American company, and obtained the exclusive rights for this company to sell Deutscher Meister to the American army.
Deliveries were made in Germany, France, Italy,England, Spain and North Africa Later also to the USA.
In ten years, thousands of tables were sold.
Bud Wachter now has his own company, and plans to open a tablefootball hall, each with twenty Deutscher Meister tables, in New jersey and California.

World Cup

The top model, massive and solid.
Synthetic roller bearings, chromed rods.
Players in PVC.
In Germany competitions are held on Deutscher Meister .

Grand Lux

Slightly lighter version of the World Cup,
also synthetic roller bearings and chromed rods.
You will find this model in the coffee shops in big cities in Holland like
Rotterdam, Den Haag and Amsterdam.
There are no competitions in Holland on Deutscher Meister.

Grande Lux Luxus

Champion Champion II