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Faspendezza srl. Villa D’Ogna (Bergamo) Italy.

Normally with telescopic rods .
Models used for tournaments usually have the straight-through rods.
Glass playfield, with smooth glass as standard, but with sandblasted glass as an option.

Indoor CP New = Striker :

comes with a glass top. Weight 102 kilos.
One option is internal lighting system above either goal.
Also comes in a version where the goalie can rotate.
The tables have sturdy legs (with non-scratch coating) and a front panel to prevent the balls from being stolen.

FAS rods are slightly lower to the pitch than on Garlando, so there is a wider range where the ball can be intercepted and controlled.
It is possible to pin the ball rather easily, even on the smooth-glass playfields, although the small handles make snake shots unreliable, and hard struck front pin shots are likely to rise off the table surface either hitting the bar from attack, or the rods in the middle of the table if shot from defence.

Playability :
Best with softer plastic balls and sandblasted playfields.
Worst with hard balls and smooth glass or laminate playfields.

Mightymast, the UK importer has been working on some improvements :
-leg levellers
-shorter side springs or bumpers to prevent the balls from passing along the side ramp unintercepted.
-sandblasted glass playfields.

Mundial = Scorer :

USA 94 :

No glass top here. Weight 75 kilos.
Both tables have straight-through rods.
The yellow table has folding legs.
Synthetic grips.

Model : Baby

Home table without coin system.
Weight 55 kilos. Telescopic rods.

Personal opinion :
I have only touched this table once or twice…
Therefore I spoke to several players who either own such a table, or have an extensive tournament experience on them…

“…the only reason these tables exist is because operators like its low purchase price, low maintenance costs and because the bars do not stick through the table making them a lot safer if there are children around. The people who play them only do so because they don’t know any better.”

“…in general, FAS tables are well constructed and playable, with good ball control, although like with all Italian tables this depends on the combination of the type of balls and playfield.”

No one seems to like the “little plastic handles with no grip”.