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Foosball tables

Foosball Table vs. Pool Table

An apartment dweller's guide

Foosball tables may be the answer for apartment residents thirsting for a competition. Pool tables may have a certain charm, but if you're itching for a game, and don't have space to spare, a foosball table is a much better choice.

No Need for a Spare Room

A pool table requires an area of at least 19x15 feet for comfortable play, otherwise you'll end up with cue-sized holes in your walls. For those of us living in an apartment, finding that much space would mean evicting at least one of your deadbeat roommates. While that option may not be all bad, a foosball table can find a home in any corner of your place, meaning your roommate Jimmy can just keep laying there.

Foosball Tables Are Affordable!

There are lots of high-quality, inexpensive foosball tables out there from brands like DMI. In today's market, you can get a top-notch foosball table for under $800.00, while a decent pool table will easily run over $2,000. Of course, you can spend more on a foosball table, but if you do, you'll only be paying for high-falutin' brand names like on a Tornado foosball table, when regular-falutin brand names like DMI are just as good.

Online Ordering Saves Money and Time

Quality pool tables are too bulky to be shipped, and therefore aren't sold online. The ones offered on the internet are shipped in pieces and tend to fall apart or warp rather quickly. Since foosball tables can be shipped inexpensively, there are lots of bargain sites on the internet that keep costs low and pass the savings on to you. Today you can buy a foosball table through the web, in your underwear, and have it shipped directly to your house. Don't expect to find rock-bottom prices from a reputable online dealer, though. A good foosball table still costs money, but the quality is invariably better on the web, and your dollar will always go further.

Foosball Tables Can Move With You

Pool tables are usually made with large pieces of inch-thick slate that can weigh hundreds of pounds. If you ever plan to move, having 500 lbs. of solid rock in your apartment can pose a small problem. In a case like that, you'd have to get a professional to disassemble and transport your table, which won't be cheap. A foosball table, on the other hand, can be disassembled in a few minutes with a few tools, and you're left with manageable pieces, not big hunks of rock.

Foosball Table Wrap Up

Every apartment dweller needs some excitement, but you have to make a smart purchase. Forget the pool table and go with a quality foosball table.