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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - babyfoot in France

Foosball in France

France is a beautiful country,
“I love Paris”
Famous ski resorts,
French Riviera, Cannes and Saint Tropez …

Et le BABY-FOOT ! (which is the French name for foosball)

Federations :

Association Française de Baby-Foot
With seven geographical sub-divisions.
Their web site :


There are many manufacturers of table football games in France. (Whereas e.g. in the UK there are NONE) The result is always a very solid table, usually in a particular French style, including metal players on telescopic chromed rods.


Bonzini supplied the 80 tables for the 2002 Baby-FootWorld Cup in Franconville, near Paris/France.
I have been told it was “TOP OF THE BILL”
Part of the credit goes to Bonzini.
Bonzini soccertables offer lots of control, the metal players feel rather heavy.

… also for big families…
Bonzini is made in France, they have their factory at Bagnolet, near Paris.
The tables are exported to well over 60 countries!


Professional model : Concorde model 250 oak

Clearly French type of tables.
Metal players, telescopic chromed rods.

Sulpie :

“made in France” models.
Again telescopic chromed rods and metal players.
The model on the left “competition” has a coin mechanism, the one on the right “club” is a home model. (There is also “Benjamin” a lighter model still).

René Pierre :

the white one on the left “Corner” is totally weatherproof and can be used outside. The one on the right “Derby Cup” is available with coin system.
Chromed, telescopic rods, metal players.

Stella :

Let me use the manufacturer’s own words :
In 1950 Stella launches the table “champion” that , from that moment on,
offers the possibility to play with the head and to perform lobs”
That old “champion” model is still being manufactured in limited series and, according to the Stella people, is bound to become a collector’s item.

This company also specializes in the restoration of old tables, :

Baby-foot FINALE baby-foot BUSSOZ

Further Stella models : Baby-foot CHAMPION and baby-foot STAR :

I think we can fairly conclude that table football “le baby-foot” is quite popular in France.
The tables all have a genuine “French” touch, and quality standards are high.

Et pour les fanatiques …
ACS Thiers offers various products for the real fanatics amongst us …

and wouldn’t it be nice to get your lager from one of these …