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Garlando srl.
Via Genova 150, Spinetta Marengo, Italy.

With an experience of fifty years, and represented in more than thirty countries all over the world, Garlando ranks definitely among the market leaders.

Model Maracanà

Maracanà is the basic model.
Mechanical coin system. Telescopic or normal rods, chromed.
Players moulded to the bars.
Steel ball bearings in nylon bushes.
Playfield : choice of tempered glass or plastic laminate.
Weight 90 kilos.

De Luxe Export is 6cm longer than De Luxe Italia/Svizzeria, this allows for the goalie to rotate.
Model De Luxe Export
in Briar wood look with central black band.
Chromed rods, normal or telescopic.
Nylon bushes with steel roller bearings for high speed and smoother play.
Wooden inserts in plastic handles reduce perspiration and improve grip.
Synthetic players in one colour, blue or red, moulded to the rods.
Same qualities as model Maracanà, but more luxury, such as glass holders.
Even available with a “speaking kit” Weight : 98 kilos

De Luxe Italia/Svizzeria is, as said before, the 6cm shorter version (no rotating goalie)
and is finished in light grey with a dark grey band.
Weight : 96 kilos.

De Luxe outdoor
All weather version, this table can be left outside.
No glass top, but all components are
all weather proof.
Weight : 96 kilos.

Model : Olympic
Available in wood look with black band, or red and black.
Approximately like model Maracanà but with glass top.

Model : Olympic outdoor
Approximately same model as De Luxe outdoor
But with glass top.
Clearly suitable for outdoor use.

Model : Coperto de Luxe
Colours : “Standard” as shown with wood look and central black band,
Or “competition” with bands in red, white and blue.

approximately the same qualities as model De Luxe,
but with glass top (protection in unbreakable glass).
Garlando tafels with glass top, are also available with an illuminated playfield.

Home tables :

The weight of the table is rather important.
Garlando home tables weight somewhere between 50 and 80 kilos.
When they are light, they are easy to move, but for the game it is certainly an advantage when they are heavy.

Conclusion : Garlando is a difficult table when you are not used to it.
The playing field is extremely slippery, the defenders stand a bit farther apart, and defending the wallpasses with your midfield is quite a task because of the heavy springs.
The Garlando company helps promote table football.
There have been Garlando tournaments everywhere lately, and the BFA (British Bar Football Association) now has, next to it’s Tornado rankings, also a Garlando players classification.
The World Championships (with Alex Gaal behind it) in Austria, last year, drew a lot of attention with prize money reaching € 25.000.
This year, it is bound to be the centre of interest even more, with more prize money still!.
The tables used for the World Championships have undergone several adaptions :
Here is what Boris Atha (UK) told me about it :

“I’ve just come back from Austria, competing on the new Weltmeisterschaft Garlando table.

It is a bit like a cross between a Leonhart and a Jupiter.

Instead of springs , it has rubber bumpers (like Tornado but shorter on the 5-bar), a sandblasted glass pitch (like Jupiter), and roughened “furry” but light/soft plastic balls which grip real easy for pin and snake shots.
The ball control is as good as Tornado, although not quite as good as Jupiter/Topper/Bonzini cork-ball tables.

The player-figures have rounded tapered feet (a bit like a cross between Lowen and Tornado, but much lighter like Jupiter), straight-through rods, and leg-levellers.

You can do pin shots (front or back), snake shots, pull/push shots and tic-tacs
with ease, plus (big advantage over Tornado) hit angles more consistently.

Tornado is facing some SERIOUS competition. Garlando is trying to shake off its “Skoda” image, and this table is a serious piece of kit. The table costs 900 Euros, bulk discounts are available.

What I am really saying is try out a Garlando competition in Austria, Hungary or Switzerland, as Belgian/Dutch players have nothing to fear. (The passing 5-3 is like Jupiter)

Although there is still room for improvement, I really liked the table, and I feel it will be popular amongst Belgian, Dutch and German players.