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The leaning tower of Pisa is one of Italy’s landmarks.

Italy is the cradle of our today’s civilisation.
The Romans once ruled the world and you still find many traces of their empire in places like Rome and Pompeï, just to name a few.
Many famous composers and several of the world’s best tenors have their homes in Italy. Verona offers spectacular opera performances in open air.

Italians are Mediterranean people with a passionate temper.
This is reflected in their soccer (calcio)
And indeed also in their table football … (calcio balilla)

Federations :

Federazione Italiana Calcio Balilla FICB
Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 13, Castellamonte (Torino)
Chairman : Massimo Ragona
Their web site :

Soccertables :

The FICB uses the ROBERTO SPORT table

these tables are designed for a very fast game :
“one touch game”

As far I was able to find out,
there is only one BIG table football federation in Italy.
Yet, it seems that literally thousands of players take part in the championships and tournaments.

This is what Francesco from Italy wrote about italian tables:

Hi from Italy!

My name is Francesco and I play as a semi-pro in the italian Foosball Championship organized by FICB. I run into your website by surfing the internet, searching for resources about foosball, and i've been so impressed by your pages regarding all sorts of foosball tables in the world. So, I deemed it would have been a good thing to give some extra information about italian tables and/or tables used in Italy.

At present time, as you may know, in Italy there is one big foosball federation, FICB, that is pretty "young" and is gaining widespread acceptance only in the last few years; and there are plenty of very little federations with many different rules and different preferred tables. It is important to observe that Roberto Sport tables are not so easy to find all over italy, and FAS, Longoni and Garlando are generally more widespread. Still, being Roberto Sport "Champion" Table (which is not present in your reports…) the official one for FICB, it may seems that RS are usual to find.

It has to be noted, furthermore, that italian tables are not all equal… More precisely, the Roberto Sport table used by FICB has smaller players and shallower ramps compared with the most of other italian tables, which make them very suitable for bank shot/pass and for some tricks/dummies. Actually is just not forward for a good player on Garlando/FAS to be a good player also on Roberto Sport tables/rules and viceversa, as far as italian rules are considered. A good number of italian players, not members of FICB, consider illegal to perform bank shots or passes from 3 and 5 bars, so they don't care much for the quality of ramps or men.

Finally, I wonder whether you know the international version of Roberto Sport's "Champion" Table. It has sandblasted glass surface and pinny feet, and possibly bumpers instead of springs. I can't give you any personal experience about them because we are not used to international rules, but this table is sanctioned by ITSF and maybe it can be useful to publish some impression by pro-players. From this years on, also italian semi-pro will be performing in some ranking tournaments with international rules. We almost surely will use Roberto Sport "International Champion" or "Pro-winner" as official table.


Thanks for your update on foosball in italy Francesco!