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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - Foosball table Jupiter


Table with high technical standards.
Modern, sturdy, nicely finished.
Classic line up with one goalie and sloping corners.
Reinforced glass playing field, roller bearings, chromed rods, wooden grips.
Jupiter has good control to offer and is very suitable for the frontpin.
Topmodels are the Gold Star and the Starlight both with overhead lighting.

Ball : cork or soft plastic.

Especially designed for the European market : Eurosoccer , the table that allows all different kind of playing techniques.

Main differences : players and field are synthetic.

Electronic coin system of the latest generation.
Accepts Euro coins from 10 Eurocent on.
With bonus system :
For €1 you get 15 balls , for €2 you have 31 balls, etc…
And…If you need only one more ball to finish the game, you can buy just one ball if you like.

Each year in May, there is the
And it is one of the world’s best organized tournaments.
Recommended !