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Made in Germany.
High quality product with a fantastic design !

Galactica :
Futuristic and attractive - I LOVE this !
Very solid and reliable.
The Galactica has no coin system and weighs about 75 kilos.

model “Fußball” …unique design , and appropriate.
Galactica and Fußball both have chromed rods running in bearings with players in synthetic material.
Synthetic grips. These two models can be obtained with telescopic rods.
Very professional and extremely well finished.

model “Master” or with coin system “Master Münzer”

and last but not least :
designed in collaboration with top players :
P4P (players for players)
Real tournament table

Top model, top quality.
This is the table you are bound to find a lot at tournaments in Germany, and probably all over Europe in the near future.

Players4Players MAHOGANY

Lehmacher tables all come with the classic line up : 1 goalie and sloping corners.
Players4Players table with or without coin system.
Now even available with glass top.