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Leonhart Soccer and Leonhart TurnierSieger - Soccertables made in germany

Leonhart Betriebs GmbH. Hauptstr.4 94431 Pilsting/Harburg. Germany.

TS-line : (TS = TurnierSieger)

Leonhart Turniersieger
German table. 84 kg. With coin system. Goals 19cm wide.
Heavy, chromed rods.
This model exists well over 50 years.

TS 2000 model is midway between
the Original Soccer and the Original Turniersieger.
Goals : 19 cm wide.
Weight : 92 kg.

TS “D” : Turniersieger as well as TS 2000 available with glass top.
Home model : Future

solid table derived from the Turniersieger.
Personally I’m never fond of hometafels, i think they are too light.
The Future weighs 55 kg.

The SOCCER-line :

Original Soccer : Topmodel. (Original LEONHART SOCCER Mod.99)
Heavy chromed rods. Goals 20,5 cm wide.
105 kg.
Soccer “D” : idem with glass top .

Home Soccer : weight 55 kg.

Goal2goal Ministar

Leonhart is a typical German table.
Solid. Use of modern materials like the synthetic players and grips.
Heavy chromed rods.
Perfect finish and easy maintenance.
The tables with glass top “D” are hardly to be found at tournaments.
The glass top protects the table from dirt and spilled drinks.
It also prevents the balls from disappearing.