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Soccertables - Longoni italy


Italia. (Mariano Comense)
Francesca Luzzi is the general manager of Norditalia Ricambi, headquarter of the Longoni group .
Longoni has been a manufacturer of billiard games and foosball tables, for several decades.
It is an Italian style table, meant for fast games. (rather slippery)
All Longoni models have a revolving goalie, and normal rods (not telescopic).

Longoni offers quite an extensive range, five home models :
Junior, Spring time, Famiglia special, Famiglia extra, and Bomber.

Bomber available in three colours.

Models with coin system :

River Plate, with or without glass top. Model : Tournament
And three more models with easy-maintenance system (upper part opens up):
Football Champion, Dribbling2, and Tournament 2.

Tournament 2.

Come rain or shine…
To complete the range, Longoni brings two “all weather” models :

Storm : coin operated table with glass top.
Storm Famiglia = lighter version without coin system and without glass top.
Both models are entirely made of thermoplastic resins, calcium carbonate and fiberglass. These tables resist against atmospheric agents.