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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - Foosball table L�en Soccer


Löwen Entertainment GmbH, Bingen / Rhein , Germany.

Made in Germany.
The company was founded in 1949 in Braunschweig.
In 1954 bigger and modern premises were built in Bingen, still the actual Löwen head office .
Löwen organizes lots of tournaments in Germany :
e.g. “die Löwen-Tour” : a series of 6 tournaments + the German Championships in Bingen.
You will find Löwen soccer in Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Austria.
One or two soccertables were exported to Hong Kong.
Löwen also used to be in the UK, but I think Tornado has taken it’s place there.

It is a very solid and decent table that seems to have always been around.
The goals are significantly bigger than on other tables (20.5 cm wide) and that’s good news when you’re a striker! Löwen is now being built by Lehmacher.

Der Löwen Turnier Soccer
ein Profi für Profis … und für alle, die es werden wollen
( a professional table for pro-players… and for those who want to become one).

Large goal, 20.5 cm. - normal line up with one goalie and sloping corners.
Very strong pcv players on chromed rods.
Comes with or without coin system.
Also available with glass top.
Weight : 130 kilos

Much lighter is the Löwen Home Soccer, 76 kilos.

I am never fond of so-called home tables (personal opinion of course) because when you go to tournaments afterwards you have to adapt again to the tournament table.