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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - Foosball tables Murrey


Murrey & Sons, Los Angeles
Escalade Sport, Evansville USA

American style, solidly built outdoor table, featuring 3 players on the goalie rod.
Score counters to 10. Balanced players.
100% water proof cabinet made of high-tech composites with UV resistant finish guaranteed to never fade in the sun.
Individual leg levelers made of high impact plastic.
Chromed rods.
Weight : appr. 70 kg.

Made in USA.
Murrey & Sons is a very important manufacturer of billiard tables,
based in California.
Which is probably why this “weather resistant” table is also UV resistant.
As far as I was able to find out, you can only buy Murrey tables via the internet.

And whereas the Murrey Outdoor table is supposedly made in USA,

I really think the next one is imported.
RR-33c Murrey indoor table with coin system.
And the same table without coin system, RR-33.
Built in ball entry cup.
Only one goalie and sloping corners.
Chromed rods.
Synthetic players.
Rather basic model.