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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - Foosball tables Roberto Sport


Roberto Sport, Lessolo, Italy.

In my previous description I wrote :
“I played on a Roberto table in London once, and I wasn’t impressed”
On top of that Roberto got a bad valuation in a survey :
“too slick for good control”
Roberto Sport is immensely popular in Italy, where big tournaments, championships and regular leagues are played on them.
Table football is different there, it is a “one touch game” !

New Camp
New Camp is also available in “BIG” version, the playfield is slightly longer, which allows the goalie to rotate.

All Roberto Sport models have telescopic rods.
(solid rods available on request)
Playfield in tempered and unbreakable glass.
The tables are strong, but not very heavy (between 70 and 90 kilos).

Olympic stadium

Olympic stadium (blue)

Olympic stadium is also available in “BIG” version (rotating goalie)
They can have a glass top and even an internal illumination of the playfield.


model EXPORT
with glass top, probably meant for the English market.
Also available in “BIG” version (rotating goalie).

Home tables :
The home models are rather light :
52 kilos for the FAMILY model
55 kilos for the COLLEGE model.



These tables are NOT meant for control!
TEMPO! TEMPO! Is the word.