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Rosengart - Foosball tables from Czech republic


The main organization that cares about foos events is called CFO(Ceska fotbalkova organizace = Czech foosball organization). In fact, it should be called CRO(Czech Rosengart organization), because it was established by the Czech foosball table manufacturer Rosengart and all turnaments held by CFO are played on the Rosengart tables. CFO website -
Rosengart site -

Foosball table Rosengart

The old Rosengart table looks like the Tornado foosball table. It had yellow-black players and the surface was made of plastic. It has very strange wooden pear-shaped handles. Next generation of the Rosengart table had sand blasted glass surface, but it still did not allow pin shots and snakes, because the shape of the players caused that ball striked the goalpost eachtime you were shooting a snake shot. The new Rosengart table has a new shaped players and a new wooden octagonal handles. Rosengart is quite sturdy and has indestructible rods ;-) But the rods are one of the greates problems of the table. They are heavy and there are no bearings in the rod bushings. So you need a lot of silicone oil if you want to play a good game. The official ball for tournaments is the Jupiter (JGC) yellow ball.