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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - Foosball tables from belgium

Royal Star

RoyalStar Voetbaltafels, Koekelare, Belgium.

In a couple of years Royal Star managed to enter the Belgium market with a good price/quality relation. It has been elaborated with a high quality of technical wood (multiplex).
As on a Jupiter table the borders and corners are nicely worked out to actively keep the ball in and to avoid the game to hereby unnecessary slow down.
Chrome bars (JGC). wooden fieldplayers and grips are used. Steel footframe. It can be very easily unwraped in smaller modules for transport (through stairwells) and re-assembled. The table is finished with a high sense of perfection which makes it also good looking.

Royal Star

It has a classic 1-2-5-3 fieldplayer configuration. It allows players to enjoy the games as they did on "evergreen" Jupiter 7*. The table immediately added some improvements. An anti-rebound in the goal has to prevent a very fast played ball to return the playing field. The spiral spring has been worked out in the border, to give the player the ability of avoiding a ball getting passed the boarder fieldplayer.
Cork or syntetic ball. A table should not be judged for the type of ball which is used.

The Royal Star is available in a Home and Competition edition. As the names already reveal the Home edition focuses on private/personal use, whereas the Competion edition is finished with a (mechanical) coin taster for mainly commercial use in pubs or other.
The Royal Star table football is an affordable alternative in the Belgium table football market.