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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - Soccertables Segarsa


Segarsa S.L. Sentmenat, Barcelona, Spain.

Beautiful table in typical spanish style, which means :
-The line-up of the players is totally different :
3 defenders, 3 midfield players and 4 strikers
-Metal players with two separate legs. - Playfield sloping to the middle.

Model Catalán :

The best table of its kind.
Built in beechwood. Varnished in mahagony colour.
Chromed rods.
Weight : 150 kilos.

Model Segarsa :

Looks the same, the difference is at the bottom of the table.

Model : Sport

Table with four legs.
The Segarsa table introduces us to typical Spanish (Catalunian) table football,
it allows for moves that are not possible on other tables,
The airborne shot from the goalie, the dragging “arrastres” or hooking “enganches” of the ball.

“The airborn shot from the goalie”

the dragging of the ball “arrastres”

The playfield slopes to the middle, the ball nevers stops and is always within reach of the players.

Robust table with coin system.
Wooden grips.
Chromed rods (straight through, non-telescopic).
Weight (all models) : 150 kilos.

Fotos kindly granted by Segarsa SL. All rights reserved.
Distribution prohibited without consent of Segarsa SL.