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Shelti Inc.Bay City, Michigan.

Foosball table shelti

“Preferred by the most advanced players for what it can do,
by the most novice players for what it can help them to do…”

Shelti Foos 100 Weight : 97.5 kg.
According to the manufacturer, even this first price model of the extensive range offers : all the power and the speed of American style foosball combined with the ball control of European style.
Costsavings are achieved primarily in the cabinetry.

Shelti Foos 200 Weight : 97.5 kg.
All Shelti models have 3 man goalie.
Chromed steel rods in nylon bearings.
Leg levelers.
From Shelti Foos 200 on : counter balanced men.

Shelti Foos 300 Weight : 97.5 kg.
Hardwood handles

Shelti Foos 400 Weight : 106.6 kg.

Shelti Pro Foos I Weight : 97.5 kg.
Stealth black QPQ coated competition rods(permanent lubrication).
Playfield with simulated “cut-grass” graphics and precision-aligned field markings.

Shelti Pro Foos II
Weight : 106.6 kg.

Shelti Pro Foos III
Weight : 170.1 kg.
Stealth black QPQ coated commercial rods.

Shelti Pro Foos III with coin system.
Weight : 170.1 kg.

“Shelti” is a fairly new name in the table game industry.
But the people behind it have a lot of experience in the business.
I have never seen a Shelti table in real life, I don’t think there are any in Europe,
But they look very appealing to me, I especially like those “stealth black” rods!