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Belgian table

“The level of engineering on this table has to be seen to be believed.
It’s a precision instrument with roller-bearings on the rods, rubbery handles to counter sweaty mitts, and a beautiful feel . It’s a genuine tournament table, with a slick surface that feels fast yet allows good control with only a little practice..”

That was the comment in Stuff Magazine (UK) when they did a survey on different brands of tablefootball games.
The Soccer2000 obtained the “Editor’s Choice” Award : “which only the cream of the kit can win… These are products that deserve recognition for being clearly ahead of the game, albeit at a price.”

High quality and precision.
Classical looks.
1 goalie, sloping corners. Goals are rounded.
Straight through rods. Cork balls.
Rubber grips. Wooden players, 1st choice beech.
Sandblasted ferroglass playfield (a little cobbled).

The German model, has a manual score marker.
Overhead lighting is optional.
A similar model was introduced in the UK about five years ago.

The model with halogen flood lights and electronic scoring system is in use for the regular competitions and tournaments in the province of Antwerp (Belgium).
The score is indicated automatically. Also the teams get a warning to swap sides (according to the official Belgian rules of the game).

The Soccer2000 table has a federation of its own, with around 90 teams conveniently located close to one another within the province of Antwerp.
Quite regularly, tournaments are organized on Soccer 2000, some of these are restricted for the ASF (Antwerp Soccer Federation) members, some are OPEN and accessible for everyone.
You will also find that small tournaments (10 tot 16 teams) are held in some of the cafés nearly every day !

We conclude : Typical Belgian table = lots of control
Soccer 2000 = THE frontpin table!