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Las costas , paella…El SOL .

Spain means holiday to most of us,
Sunbathing, swimming, wind surfing, big luxurious hotels, exotic coctails…
But what about FUTBOLÍN ? Table football ?
Have you seen those tables ? Tried them ?
Beautiful! But soooo different !
Yet World championships are being held on them. (Though I don’t really think it an international event)

Federations :

Liga Nacional de Futbolín : LNF
C/ San José, nave 25
Pol. Ind. San José
PINTO (Madrid)
Chairman : Fernando Cotta.

Liga de Zaragoza :

Super Liga de Futbolín A.F.B.P.
With 3 divisions (44 teams)
Contact : Ignacio Apres

Liga Cataluña (Catalana) L.C.F.

With 12 teams
Contact : Alfons Romeu

Liga Provincial de Futbolín de Castellón A.C.A.F.

With two divisions (24 teams)

The game of table football is totally different in Spain.
And even inside the country there seems to be no uniformity.

A) Different brands of tables, all with playfields sloping to the middle.
Some have players with one leg, others have players with two separate legs.

B) Two types of playing “modalidades”
1. Where you can stop the ball and pass from one striker to the next.
2. Without stopping the ball, no passes between strikers. When the ball touches two of your strikers before entering the goal, the goal doesn’t count.

C) Various line-ups :
All Spanish tables have only one player on the goalie rod.
Other than that, there are three possible line-ups :
F3 --> 2 defenders, 5 midfield players, 3 strikers (= what WE are used to)
F4 --> 3 defenders, 3 midfield players, 4 strikers
F5 --> 2 defenders, 3 midfield players, 5 strikers
Tables :
There are several brands of tables, but the most popular ones that are used in the league games are :

Presas 2000 Competición

en Segarsa Catalán

More brands :
Bifuca - Logar - Val - Duguespi - Mapefe
And there may be more…

Tournaments :
Spanish Championships.
World Championships. (Do foreigners participate?)
Máster de Rábade , Lugo (I think Championships of Galicia)