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A WORLD OF TABLEFOOTBALL - Foosball tables Stella


Stella Loisirs, 86, chaussée Albert Einstein 59200 Tourcoing, France.

« une tête d’avance »

(one head ahead)

All Stella models allow to “play with the head and realize lobs”
Chromed, telescopic rods.
1 goalie and sloping corners.

Model “Champion” dates back to the early fifties.
From now on the table will be constructed according to the traditional methods, totally in solid wood, with coin system.
“Champion” is being manufactured in limited and numbered series, which - that’s what the manufacturer says - is an important aspect for collectors.
Also comes in red and yellow, as it was originally introducted in 1950.
In order to avoid confusion, we will call this model “Champion baby-foot ancien”, because the next table is also called…

with coin system and telescopic, chromed rods.
Weight 100 kilos. Yellow table and red legs.

Baby-foot : STAR

with coin system and telescopic rods.
Beech with red legs. Weight 95 kilos.

Both “Champion” and “Star” also available without coin system.

Baby-foot “HOME”
Weight : 70 kilos
All white.
Other colours : beech and red legs, or yellow and red legs.

Model “Le Kicker”

is strikingly different (import?) :
weight (only) 60 kilos, no telescopic rods.
The table has totally different measurements than the previous models :
(140x120x90cm - other Stella tables 158x100x93cm)
“Le Kicker” comes in beech with red legs, or yellow with red legs.

All Stella model can be obtained with round or elongated grips.
Balls in cork or synthetic material.