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Country of the high Alps, expensive watches and banking secrecy.

I think of chocolate, fresh milk and cows grazing in the alpine meadow.
Also of skiing and snow fun and big lakes.

But what about table football ???
Or as the Swiss call it …


Federations :

1. Fédération Suisse de Football de Table,
=Schweizer Tischfussballverband,
=Federazione Svizzera Di Calcio Da Tavola,
based at Petit-Lancy (Geneva)
Chairman : Burgener, Michel
Their web site :
A non-commercial association with the aim of promoting tablefootball.
The FSFT also sees to the annual classification of the players and supports the organization of tournaments in Switzerland.

2. FTDF Federazione Ticinese Dart Footbalino
Chairman : Gianni Baldassari
Based in the south of Switzerland, next to Italy,
And the federation’s language is Italian.
FTDF regularly organizes regular competitions with A - B - and C leagues.
Regional contests and a national Swiss Championship.
They may have some international tournaments in the near future, when they do, they will let us know.
This may be very interesting for many, because their table is JUPITER !

3. FLASH 2000 CH-1870 Monthey 1, Switzerland
web site :
they have a competition league with two seasons (spring and automn) regularly organize tournaments like the Jupiter Cup and the Flash Tour.
This federation also plays on Jupiter tables.


Jupiter :

Top class Belgian soccertable.
The model they use is the Jupiter Starlight with overhead lighting.
Lots of control and most foosball players JUST LOVE IT!

This seems to be the guy to look out for : but then according to his name, he should be v e r y f a s t … Ferrari F.

Garlando :

Also very popular in Switzerland.
Two models are in use : DELUXE and SPORLUX

soccertable garlando garlando

“Pub Liga” from now on only plays on Garlando Deluxe.
Mainly in the German part of Switzerland.
“Flash Tour” mostly on Garlando Sporlux and in the French speaking part of the country.

Löwen Soccer :

Is a decent table enough, only for some reason, after the UK, now Switzerland is turning its back on Löwen.
There seems to be a problem with the promotion.
Which is in favour of :

Lehmacher :

Lehmacher has made a new table.

Especially designed in consultation with the players.
Lehmacher has a terrific reputation in the field of table football games,
they also build the Löwen Soccer tables.
It seems the company is well inclined to help promote our sport.

More tables :
You may also find a Fas or a Longoni table around.
But to my knowledge neither regular leagues nor tournaments are held on them.