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Tornado soccertable - One of the leading tables in the world



One of the leading tables in the world.
You find them in England, Germany and the USA.
But also in Malaysia, Japan, Canada and Hong Kong.
(And a fews ones in Holland and Belgium)

High precision soccertable. Very solid.
Two extra defenders next to the goalie, no sloping corners.
Slick surface offers a very fast game.
The table is designed for pull and push shots (ball next to the player) and allows extremely fast passes between players on the same rod.
Frontpin is possible but requires a lot of skill and practice.
Most strikers use the snake shot.

Balls : very hard and perfectly round, synthetic.
For tournaments and championships new balls are used, but really, these balls seem to last for ever.
Players : Tornado counter balanced foosball men : especially handy for singles ,
when shooting from the back, you can put the players from the midfield and strikers in horizontal position. Tornado players hardly ever break.
Grips : rather big octagonal wooden handles (white maple), most players will put absorbent wraps around them.

Rules :
Snake shot and one roll over are allowed.
Passes between midfield and front players cannot come from a dead ball, the ball must be rolling.
“In and out” counts as a valid goal.
Instead of a kick off, you have to “feed” the ball. (i.e. push the ball through the drop hole and push it your way)
The game is first to five, with two winning sets out of three.
Tornado organizes important championships
in Dallas and Las Vegas every year , involving BIG MONEY.

T-2000 the tournament model.

If you really want to play Tornado on top level, you need one at home.
Home models :

tornado hometable tablefootball tornado tablesoccer tornado

and to go well with your English cottage or French castle :
Tornado Sophistication :

foosball tornado