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Soccertables of the world - Futbolines VAL


Futbolines VAL
El Burgo del Ebro, (Zaragoza) Spain.

Spanish table, playfield slopes to the middle.

soccertable val
model “Classico Divertido”
Made in first choice beech wood.
Solid metal players.
Chromed rods. Wooden grips.
Recommended balls : made of bakelite with a diameter of 35 mm.
Mechanical coin system. Dimensions : 165cm x 95cm x 90cm.

foosball table val
model « Futbolín VAL » exterior made of pine wood.
the smalles of the VAL family : 140cm x 75cm x 90cm.
Solid aluminium players.
Chromed rods. Wooden grips.
Mechanical coin system.

tablesoccer val
model « Fibra D.M. »
players in aluminium.
Chromed rods. Wooden grips.
Also comes with telescopic rods and rubber handles.
Dimensions : 128cm x 72cm x 90cm or 124cm x 72cm x 90cm.

VAL offers a range of players in different colours.

foosball men